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// This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
// License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
// file, You can obtain one at

#pragma once


#include <memory>
#include <utility>

#include "../../../mysql/mysql.hpp"
#include "ref.hpp"

#define PROXY_GETTER_DECL(ctype, name, target)                                       \
    ctype Get##name(const std::string &column) { return _ptr->Get##target(column); } \
    ctype Get##name(unsigned int index) { return _ptr->Get##target(index); }

namespace core::scripting::angelscript::proxy {
    class ResultSet : public Ref {
        explicit ResultSet(std::shared_ptr<core::mysql::ResultSet> &&result) : _ptr(std::move(result)) {}

        [[nodiscard]] unsigned int GetColumnCount() const { return static_cast<unsigned int>(_ptr->GetColumnCount()); }

        [[nodiscard]] unsigned int GetColumnIndex(const std::string &name) const {
            return static_cast<unsigned int>(_ptr->GetColumnIndex(name));

        [[nodiscard]] unsigned long GetColumnSize(unsigned int index) const { return _ptr->GetColumnSize(index); }

        [[nodiscard]] unsigned long GetRowCount() const { return _ptr->GetRowCount(); }

        [[nodiscard]] unsigned long GetRowIndex() const { return _ptr->GetRowIndex(); }

        bool Next() { return _ptr->Next(); }
        bool SetRowIndex(unsigned int index) { return _ptr->SetRowIndex(index); }

        PROXY_GETTER_DECL(std::string, String, String)
        PROXY_GETTER_DECL(int8_t, Int8, Signed8)
        PROXY_GETTER_DECL(uint8_t, Uint8, Unsigned8)
        PROXY_GETTER_DECL(int16_t, Int16, Signed16)
        PROXY_GETTER_DECL(uint16_t, Uint16, Unsigned16)
        PROXY_GETTER_DECL(int32_t, Int32, Signed32)
        PROXY_GETTER_DECL(uint32_t, Uint32, Unsigned32)
        PROXY_GETTER_DECL(int64_t, Int64, Signed64)
        PROXY_GETTER_DECL(uint64_t, Uint64, Unsigned64)

        std::shared_ptr<core::mysql::ResultSet> _ptr;

    class Statement : public Ref {
        explicit Statement(core::mysql::Statement &&statement) : _ptr(std::move(statement)) {}

        ResultSet *Execute() { return new ResultSet(_ptr.ExecuteSync()); }

        core::mysql::Statement _ptr;

    class MySQL : public Ref {
        explicit MySQL(std::shared_ptr<core::mysql::MySQL> &&mysql) : _ptr(std::move(mysql)) {}

        Statement *CreateStatement(std::string &statement) { return new Statement(_ptr->CreateStatement(statement)); }

        std::shared_ptr<core::mysql::MySQL> _ptr;
}  // namespace core::scripting::angelscript::proxy