The repository contain sample working directories for all current core types. For copyright reasons we aren’t allowed to provide all files needed to run the game server.

Additional files

The game server need the following files:

  • data/atlasinfo.txt - use the one from the client you are using (locale/[lang]/atlasinfo.txt)

  • data/item_proto - use the item_proto from your client (locale/[lang]/item_proto)

  • data/mob_proto - use the mob_proto from your client (locale/[lang]/item_proto)

  • data/pc & data/pc2 - copy the folders d:/ymir work/pc and d:/ymir work/pc2, remove the common folder in both folders, you can also remove all *.gr2 and *.dds files

  • data/monster & data/monster2 - copy the folders d:/ymir work/monster and d:/ymir work/monster2, you can also remove all *.gr2 and *.dds files


Currently we don’t have any automatic migration system in place (even it is planned). In the main repo you can find a dump of the current state of the database. The database contains some test users, all passwords are test123.

Cache server

QuantumCore utilize Redis as a cache server for fast changing and temporary data. We recommend to use a current version of redis.

Windows: There is no official redis built for windows. We recommend using Windows Subsystem for Linux, or run redis as a Docker container. There is an inofficial build by microsoft which seems to work fine, but it is not officially supported.


QuantumCore handles the signals SIGINT and SIGTERM to initiate a graceful shutdown of the core. (So you can shutdown the core with CTRL+C, or by sending the signals with system commands)